Skoda’s Hot Fabia RS 2000 Concept

Skoda has unveiled a dramatic open-top roadster version of its Fabia vRS S2000 rally car at Volkswagen Group’s GTI-Treffen tuning event in Worthersee.

“These days, the GTI-Treffen is rightly hailed by fans of powerful engines and sporty customization as the Mecca of car tuning,” says Skoda boss Winfried Vahland. “Anyone who comes to the event once never wants to miss another year of this fascinating get-together. The jubilee year of 2011 is a welcome opportunity for us to show off our sports models and make sure that everyone knows that Skoda really has something to offer here.”

The Skoda Fabia RS 2000 Concept was produced specifically for the GTI-Treffen event. The concept features seats for four with racing harnesses and carbon-fiber trim. Power comes from a 200-hp 2.0 liter twin-turbo 4-cylinder unit. It weighs around 1200kg and the tracks have been widened in excess of 120mm.

The concept gets a shallow-raked windscreen, which Skoda says allows the occupants of the car “to be at one with nature”. Despite losing its roof, there is room for four inside the Fabia vRS S2000.

It is finished in the same green colour as the road-going Fabia vRS. Design modifications include new bonnet scoops for extra cooling, flared wheel arches with cooling ducts, 18-inch white allow wheels, a rear diffuser and side skirts.

Inside, the dashboard is trimmed with carbonfibre and the material is also used for the door inserts. Front passengers sit in green-piped sports bucket seats with four-point harnesses.

Will Skoda produce the Fabia RS 2000 Concept? We’re not sure but we’re pretty sure Europeans would like the option.

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More pictures of Skoda Fabia vRS S2000 –

2011 Skoda Fabia R2 Rally Car - 001 2011 Skoda Fabia R2 Rally Car - 002 2011 Skoda Fabia R2 Rally Car - 003 2011 Skoda Fabia R2 Rally Car - 004

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