Ra.One animator hit by speeding car, battling for life

Animator Charu Khandal A fun filled night out turned into a nightmare for Charu Khandal, who led the team that recently won the National award for special effects in Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One. Charu along with her sister Ritu and friend Vikrant Goyal met with a terrible accident on Sunday night leaving Charu and her friend Vikrant battling for life.

Charu, who works as an animator at SRK’s Red Chillies, was returning home with her sister and friend, after celebrating her National Award win, when the auto rickshaw she was traveling in got hit by a speeding black Honda city at Oshiwara. The trio was immediately rushed to Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani hospital where Charu and Vikrant slipped into coma.

Charu has suffered multiple fractures in head, ribs, spine, neck and legs while Ritu and Goyal have also received severe injuries in the accident. According to the doctors her condition is very critical and her chances of survival are very low.

39 year old Manoj Gautam, who was driving the Honda city, was tested positive for driving under the influence of alcohol. He was arrested yesterday for rash and negligent driving but was subsequently let off on a bail of Rs. 5,000.


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