Product deep dive jaguars entry level sedan


Although the British car maker Jaguar has made a good name in the luxury market ,it couldn’t meet decent sales in the market compared to its german rivals such as BMW,Audi and Mercedes. In order to cope up with this, Jaguar has decided to launch an entry level sedan codenamed as X760 but would hit the production line by the name ‘XS’. Jaguar is continuing their efforts in developing a new set of components for this new entry level sedan which can then be utilized for its next generation XF and XJ’s.

Jaguar might continue to use Premium light weight architecture (PLA) platform such as steel floorpan which has already been used in Jaguar XF. Jaguar XS would be available in 2 litre and 2.2 litre turbo petrol and turbo diesel engine respectively an is expected to give best fuel economy with the help of 4 cylinder engines. This new sedan would be opted with a rear wheel drive along with a 8 or 9 speed automatic transmissions and would hit the market by the end of 2015.Coming to the other specifications, Jaguar XS has lower roof line, smaller doors, slightly re-profiled front and rear end as well as a new design for the exhausts.

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