Nissan recalls 9,600 units of India made Micra over faulty sensor issue

Japanese car maker, Nissan India sells less Micra hatchbacks in the Indian car market than it exports them in the global market. The Oragadam plant of the company in Chennai is the major place from where the exports of the Micra are carried out especially as far as the Nissan Micra hatchback is concerned.  However the company, would have never expected this recall.

2011 Nissan Micra - Europe

The comapny has recalled 249,522 cars globally including 7 models of which 9,600 units are of India made Micra’s. The company has recalled diesel engine models only as the fault lies in the fuel rail of these direct injection units and the faulty sensor. The problem, which could rise in extreme cases, is of fuel leakage through the rail which the company is addressing to via the recall.

A Nissan Motors spokesperson had this to say, “This global recall includes about 9,600 units of India-built Micras that were sold in Europe. There are no issues in other units. The recall programme won’t have any impact on Micras sold in India as the specifications are totally different for export markets.”

Back in 2010, Nissan recalled Micra for the first time for a minor technical issue related to noise arising at the time of starting the engine in extreme cold weather. This is the second time Micra has been recalled but this is to keep in mind that it is for the betterment of the brand. As of last month, the company has exported 136,000 units of Micra to international markets like Africa, Europe, and West Asia. Nissan is the third-largest compact cars exported from India, following Hyundai, and Maruti.


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