Mercedes’ chicken ad went viral gets 10 lakh+ views in just 2 days


Mercedes’ chicken ad went viral gets 10 lakh+ views in just 2 days

The German luxury car manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz is well-known for its magically controlling names for its high-tech products. Some of its popular technology includes ‘Magic Vision Control’ and ‘Magic Sky Control’, ‘Magic Vision Control’ is a wipers that shoot cleaning fluid directly onto the window, while ‘Magic Sky Control’ is a sunroof that varies its opacity.

Now on the new 2014 S-Class, there is a system that scans the road ahead and proactively manages body movement to ensure a smooth ride known as ‘Magic Body Control’. The company has effortlessly attempted to demonstrate how its Magic Body Control system inspired by the balanced body of a chicken (or hen, if you would say so) works. In a video, we can see chicken’s body moving independently of its stationary head illustrates Magic Body Control, and the ad’s closing words “stability at all times” pretty clearly.

Pairing the new technology with dual 3D cameras that scan the overhead road in advance and intelligently adjust the suspension, Mercedes has proved once again that some of the most important areas of design in the best of technologies come from the simplest elements around us. Even it is something as simple as this little birdie!!! Hehehe 🙂 …

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