Mahindra Stallio faces Serious Setback

Mahindra Stallio

Mahindra Two Wheelers’ foray into the Indian motorcycle market has suffered a serious setback as their bread-and-butter Stallio economuter motorcycle has been grounded due to serious gearbox issues. While the firm is working feverishly to sort out the gearbox issues as soon as possible, dealers have stopped taking orders for the 110cc Stallio. Sales number of Stallio has slumped since its peak in October – 3,350 units. Stallio has been falling since then–to 2,759 units in November, 716 in December and 421 units in January, according to Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM). For its part, Mahindra Two Wheelers plans to put the Stallio back on the roads by June 2011.

Also, the motorcycle maker has contacted current owners of the Stallio and has offered to carry out repairs to fix the gearbox gremlin, if any, on the current crop of 5000+ Stallios that are already on the roads. We hope that Mahindra Two Wheelers pulls up its socks and sorts out the issues quickly and effectively as the launch of the 300cc Mahindra Mojo is just around the corner.

At this point of time, bad press from the Stallio’s gearbox issues could adversely affect the prospects of the Mojo and this is something that the fledgling two wheeler maker wouldn’t want. Here’s hoping that Mahindra manages to sort out all the issues plaguing the Stallio as the 100-125cc segment continues to be the main volume driver in the motorcycle market.

However, Mahindra is yet to officially inform the Stallio customers and is repairing motorcycles only on receiving any customer’s complaint says WSJ. With the unavailability of these rectified parts, production of Stallio is said to be stopped. With Mojo hitting the market soon, Mahindra needs to set the things right quickly. Remember, Mahindra has been successfully selling the Rodeo and duro scooters. We wish the Indian manufacturer to come back stronger.

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