Mahindra e-Verito and Supro Electric Van debuts at 2016 Auto Expo

Mahindra & Mahindra continuing its electric mission, unveiled the e-Verito, an electric car version of the Mahindra Verito sedan, and Supro Electric, an electric van version of the Mahindra Supro passenger carrier at the recently held at 2016 Auto Expo.

Mahindra e-Verito


Slated to launch in India later this year, the Mahindra Verito EV is strikingly similar to the regular Mahindra Verito. It features a similar electric motor setup as seen on the Mahindra e2o model. This motor develops max power of 41 hp and 91 Nm torque, attaining a top-speed of 86 kmph (+/- 2). It takes 7 hours to get fully-charged and delivers a range of 80 kms.

The automatic transmission Mahindra eVerito sedan can be charged at home and can also be quick charged in 2 hours through fast charging (top-end). It also comes with ECO drive mode and remote diagnostics which includes real time and immediate assistance no matter where you are.

Mahindra Supro Electric Van


The Supro Electric Van is an 8-seater zero-emission mini-van powered by advanced lithium-ion batteries. Capable of covering a distance of 100 kilometers on a single charge, the Supro Electric Van is fully-automatic and can hit an electronically limited top-speed of 50 kilometers per hour. It is suitable for all weather conditions and is built to high standards of safety and reliability.

The Supro Electric Van can be a preferred option for first and last mile connectivity for Metro rail and BRTS systems, school vans, corporate employee commuting solutions and can further serve the purpose of campus commuting.

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