Lamborghini car crash in South Delhi left cyclist paralyzed, may never walk again


A 45-year-old cyclist, Kishan Lal, who was injured in the Lamborghini car crash in south Delhi early Sunday may be partially paralysed for life, doctors said. Like every other day, that Sunday morning too, Kishan Lal was on his way to the same school. But unluckily a Lamborghini Gallardo cruising at high speed crashed into him. Kishan Lal suffered injuries to his spine, chest, and head. Whether a budget car insurance scheme works for him now or financial aid comes from other sources, it sure is the need of the hour for the accident victim.

Dr Deepak Aggarwal, Neurosurgeon, AIIMS Trauma Center, said both hands and legs of Kishan Lal are partially paralyzed and there is a possibility that he might not be able to walk on his feet again. “There is weakness in the limbs and he cannot stand. He is bedridden. An MRI of the spinal cord will be conducted on Tuesday to check whether the immobility is caused due to compression of nerves. If so, Lal would need to undergo a de-compression surgery,” added Dr Deepak Aggarwal.

According to Dr MC Misra, Chief, AIIMS Trauma Center, “Lal’s body is battered from top to bottom. His head is badly injured; the cervical spine, chest and ribs are broken into several parts. He is conscious but can barely speak. The biggest risk is that the spinal cord injury may leave him paralysed for life. We are doing our best to save him.”


Kishan Lal’s son, Hemraj said, “My father will recover from the injuries. It may take time, though. He was very punctual. Every day, he would cycle from our house in Dakshinpuri, Ambedkar Nagar to his workplace at 5am to avoid heavy traffic and speeding vehicles. Papa was riding in the cycle lane on the BRT corridor when the car hit him. The accident took place at 5.30 am but we were informed about it six hours later, around 11.30 am.”

Prem, Kishan Lal’s younger son said, “Doctors have given us an estimate of Rs 60,000 and Rs 90,000. He was working with the school for the past 22 years, but nobody from the school has visited us so far.” The Lamborghini Gallardo was driven by Anukool Rishi, son of P A Rishi, Chairman, MVL Limited. Anukool to succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead.


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