Is 2011 Ford Fiesta Crossover on the cards for Indian Market?


American automaker Ford is gearing-up putting all its efforts in making the best and stylish Ford Fiesta Crossover for Europe. There are many test mules of Ford Fiesta Crossover that have been running around in Europe, thereby creating a stage to launch the new Ford Fiesta, which would be based on the Crossover SUV is expected to be launched globally during the next year but what if it makes its way into the Indian market too.

It’s not the Fiesta brand name which makes us express our views on bringing the crossover to India, but it’s the sheer success that a SUV achieves in the Indian market because of the bad road conditions. The crossover is neither too huge nor too high and sits perfectly where one should with sufficient ground clearance.

However, so far there hasn’t been any official announcement about the new Ford Fiesta Crossover to come to Indian Auto Market anytime soon. First, Ford Motors will launch its Ford Fiesta Crossover in the European market. It is expected that the new Ford Fiesta Crossover will be offered in both diesel as well as petrol engines. The shift from petrol to diesel engine was basically triggered in Europe, which rubbed off to the Indian Auto Market too.


While engine options remain sketchy at the moment, the speculated price tag of the Fiesta based Crossover is about $26,000/GBP 16,000, which is quite a hike from the Hatchback and the Sedan’s price. Therefore, the likes of the Skoda Yeti would be what the Fiesta Crossover might be aimed at. Even so, a good price tag between 12-13 Lakh is amazing and perfect for the Indian market but since the company is in no mood of introducing it, we will have to wait and watch.

Image credit – AutoExpress