Indian automakers to receive crash test norms soon

It has recently come into light that more people die in road accidents in India as compared to any other country in the world. Growing concern on this issue has led the Indian government to formulate a new set of crash test norms for new cars. The program has been named Bharat New Vehicle Safety Assessment Program. This set of safety norms will be effective in a coming few months. It is being speculated that the cars may become expensive owing to incorporation of new safety measures.

indian-crash-test-norms-soonIndian automakers to receive crash test norms soon

As per the Bharat New Vehicle Safety Assessment Program, new cars that will be available in India will have to undergo test for frontal cash as well as side impacts. The reason for such mandatory tests is that in the recent Global NCAP test, Indian small cars have failed miserably. Most of them have received zero rating out of 5 in terms of safety. However, now that every car will be assessed on the new tests, we can expect that the Indian consumers will be getting cars with same levels of safety as is offered to the consumers across the world.

By mid-2014, the cars in India are likely to receive their safety star rating. Cars available for sale in India will have to comply with the star rating that are based on crash safety performance tests of rear and side impacts. They will also conform to the strict norms of safety, like Child Restrain System, Whiplash Injury, Pedestrian Protection, etc. in coming times.

Safety experts have stated that the car companies should work on improving the strength of the body cage and chassis by modifying body design. Modern safety facilities must also be included. It is quite obvious that making the cars compliant to these norms and inclusion of safety features will influence the costs of the cars.


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SourceEconomic Times