GrounDDesigns Pune modifies Tata Aria

ground-designs-modified-tata-frontGrounDDesigns Pune modified Tata Aria – FrontView

Grounddesigns is a Pune based company that works on modification of cars. The company has recently modified the Tata Aria. The car has been given a significant makeover. Though the modified version does not appear appealing but it surely has a lot of details which one can examine by giving the car a closer look.

Grounddesigns has completely replaced the radiator grille with a new design. The upper section has twin recesses forming a nose while the lower section appears to give the impression of a smile. A satin brown finish has been given to the grille along with mesh treatment to the central section. The logo of the modification company is positioned in the middle. On both the flanks of the bonnet, opposing “C” made of plastic have been placed.

ground-designs-modified-tata-rearGrounDDesigns Pune modified Tata Aria – RearView

The bumper has also been completely revamped. It now features many surfaces and layers. It also houses slim but wide twin continuous air dams and round fog lamps on each side. There is a strip of LEDs inside each fog lamp. From a distance, the car looks well finished, but when you take a closer look you will notice large gaps between the bumper and the headlamp on the left side.

Just like the front bumper, the rear one has also been redesigned completely. Its lower portion is now surrounded by claddings all along its length. The area under the crossover’s central pillar now feature angular fins and footboards have also been added. The place where the registration place is positioned has also been redesigned. Grounddesigns have tinted the tail lamps with same shade as the body color. As per the images available on internet, the alloy wheels appear different in one picture as compared to the alloy wheels in the other snapshots. However, it is likely that it features brown 10-spoke angular alloys.

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Image Credit – Ground Designs (on Facebook)