Suzuki to take the competition to the Yamaha Fazer with a faired Gixxer!

It seems as if Suzuki is directly targeting Yamaha and their FZ and FZ-S with their more recent launch, the Suzuki Gixxer. The Gixxer has been quite a successful launch for Suzuki and is one of the very few low capacity motorcycles which sold very well for Suzuki, and has been pretty successful at taking the competition to the Yamaha FZ which sold a lot more than any other Suzuki motorcycle in India. Yamaha too launched the FZ version 2.0 to take the Suzuki Gixxer head on and they have been at it ever since, but this write-up is not about these two naked street bikes, but their faired siblings.

Yes you read right, their faired siblings. The naked Yamaha FZ already has a faired sibling, the Yamaha Fazer, but the Suzuki Gixxer does not have one yet, and Suzuki is not very happy about Yamaha stealing all the attention in this segment. It looks like Suzuki decided not to just sit down on this loss of theirs and they will soon be launching a faired-version of the Gixxer to compete with the Yamaha Fazer.

semi-faired-suzuki-gixxer-155Semi-faired Suzuki Gixxer 155 to rival Yamaha Fazer (speculated rendering)

We now have confirmed news from a reliable source, who is an insider at Suzuki India that Suzuki will be launching a faired 150cc motorcycle based on the Suzuki Gixxer, and this motorcycle has gone way past the design stage and has already reached the manufacturing phase, Suzuki has already manufactured a few units of the motorcycle and will soon start the testing process which will not take very long, as the main mechanical parts have already proved their worth on the Gixxer.

We do not have any word yet on the technical specs of the motorcycle, but judging by the Yamaha FZ and Fazer relationship, we expect Suzuki to follow suit and not make any changes in power and torque figures from that of the Gixxer.

Design wise, the bottom and rear part of the new motorcycle is exactly like that of the Gixxer, but the front end has been changed drastically. Though we do not have official photographs of the motorcycle, we have got our hands on a few renderings which show that the motorcycle is equipped with a twin-headlamp design up front , making it look similar to the Suzuki GSXS-1000F and there is also a large touring style visor up front.

There is no word about the launch date of the motorcycle yet, but we are working on getting the information to you as early as possible, watch this space for more.

(NoteThe above rendered image of semi-faired Suzuki Gixxer 155 used as an illustration purpose only, the actual motorcycle differs from the model seen here.)

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