DC designed Lamborghini Aventador


DC Designs were the highlights of 2013 Parx Super Car Show that concluded a few days ago. The Super Car Show witnessed over a 100 Super Cars adorning the roads of Mumbai but what turned eyeballs from every nook and corner was the DC designed Lambhorgini Aventador which had the letters VJ engraved on the front door.

The letters VJ made people think that car was owned by Mr. Vijay Mallya but later on it was revealed that the car was owned by a Varun Jain. DC cars are the ones which turn heads wherever they go and a Lambhorghini in itself turns a lot of heads, let alone getting designed by DC. DC cars have been known for their head turning abilities and the DC Lambhorghini Aventador is no exception to it.

The DC Lamborghini Aventador gets a Prism Gold Paint which makes this car look all the more a better looker. The Super Car gets a blaacked out roof and black mirrors. And it is not the exteriors that DC has reworked on. The interiors also get redesigned and the car will now come with bespoke interiors. And yes, the car gets DC branding on the rear as well.

The DC redesigned cars surely attract a lot of people and the DC branding does not come cheap. But then again, if you are rich enough to buy a Lamborghini Aventador, we believe you would probably have pretty deep pockets to get them DC branded to suit your needs as well. And yes, we love DC. They make your everyday cars a bit special. Here you can find a complete gallery of all the pictures.

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