Chevrolet Beat LPG Launched

Chevy Beat LPG

GM India has secretly launched the Chevrolet Beat LPG, that is equipped with Next Generation LPG Kit. Unlike the regular Venturi-type kit that has been ruling the market till now, the new LPG Beat comes with Advanced Multipoint Sequential LPG Injection Technology type kit which delivers an ARAI certified mileage of 13.29 kmpl. This new version is aimed to overlap the limitations of the Venturi kit.

Features of the Chevrolet Beat LPG Kit : –

  • Less weight
  • No power loss
  • No jerks and backfires which means smoother hassle-free transition from petrol to LPG and back.
  • Better routing control and no kinking.
  • No chance of inside/outside corrosion for life.
  • The LPG kit is intelligently placed in the engine compartment, hence consuming lesser space and giving enough room for the passengers.
  • The cabin space is not affected due to LPG kit and hence passengers can enjoy the same space as Beat petrol.

In addition to all above Beat LPG is first LPG vehicle in India to use High Pressure LPG pipes made of High Strength Nylon.

More pictures of Chevrolet Beat

Chevy Beat LPG Dashboard Chevy Beat LPG Interior Chevy Beat LPG Chevy Beat LPG Kit