Car Tyres Maintenance Tips

Car Tyres Maintenance Tips Though a large number of car owners are unaware of the fact, car tyres have an important bearing on the performance and safety of the car. In fact, when car maintenance is the question in point, ensuring a good condition of the tyres is an issue that occupies a central place. Old and worn out tyre can easily lead to skidding of the vehicle and endanger your life as well as that of your car. In order to help you take proper care of your car tires, we have listed a number of maintenance tips, in the lines below.

Car Tyres Maintenance Tips
  • One of the first things that you need to make sure, in context of car tyres, is that there should be uniformity of tread pattern in all the tyres. Never ever make the mistake of mixing radial tyres with other tyres.
  • Always ensure that the tyres of your car have prescribed air pressure. Having lower air pressure in the tyres, than what is prescribed, adversely affect driving stability, causes high fuel consumption and even harms the suspensions. On the other hand, excess air pressure results in faster wearing down of tyres, apart from a hard and bumpy ride. Remember that air pressure in tyres should be checked when they are cool, as the air expands when the tyres are hot.
  • After you car has run for 5000 km, it is advisable to rotate them diagonally. In other words, the front right tyre should be exchanged with rear left one and front left tyre should be exchanged with rear right one.
  • It is necessary to check the wheel alignment of your vehicle on a regular basis. This is because proper wheel alignment prolongs the life of the tyres and enhances the safety of the car as well. So, you need to make sure that the wheels are properly balanced, at all times, preventing the avoidable centrifugal force and wobbling of tyres.
  • The tyres of your car need to have positive cambering. In other words, the wheels need to be set further apart at the top than at the bottom. By ensuring doing, you will be able to prevent the unusual wearing of the tyre, at one of the edges.
  • Whenever you get a new tyre for your car, make sure to get a new tube as well. At the same time, as far as possible, go for tyres and tubes of the same brand.
  • You need to avoid driving at too high speeds and also keep away from heavy braking, both of which lead to early wearing down of the tyres. At the same time, you need to check the tyres, on a frequent basis, for small stones and metal pieces. They might get lodged in the grooves and cause unnecessary wear.
  • There is need for balancing the tyre-rim assembly, after you car has run for 5000 km, has undergone too much mounting/demounting or is experiencing unusual vibrations.
  • Clean the tyre rim on a regular basis, to keep it free of dirt and rust. There should also be no visible bends therein. Even the rim valve hole should be round and smooth.