SPYSHOTS – Bugatti Veyron Successor (Chiron) at Nürburgring

The name Bugatti is Known for one thing more than any other – The world’s fastest production car. Bugatti gained this fame after it launched the Veyron which produced 1001 Horsepower and took the world record for the fastest production car, but then this record was broken by an American supercar manufacturer and Bugatti was not very happy about it, so they then launched the Veyron Supersport to take their crown back with a 1200 Horsepower, 8 liter, W16 engine pushing it to a top speed of 431 KMPH.


Bugatti had planned to produce only 450 units of the high performance sports car and now only a few of them remain to be sold, so it is but natural for Bugatti to think of developing a successor to the Veyron. Bugatti was spotted testing a white Veyron at the Nürburgring Nordschleife back in April and weirdly, this white Veyron was being tested without the engine cover at the back and a cage like looking structure bolted on instead. Just a week after that spotting, photographers at the ring’ spotted a black Veyron being tested, but with bigger fenders than the stock Veyron and carbon-fibre wheels too.

Last month, there was another Veyron spotting and this time it was evident that Bugatti was working on something big, as the car was totally camouflaged and this time around. The photographers managed to snap the interiors too and guess what! The Veyron was using a steering wheel taken off from a Volkswagen Passat. Volkswagen is the parent company of Bugatti and this just shows that the changes being made to the Veyron will be more than just skin deep.


The photographers who spotted the Veyron testing also claimed that the car was very silent on all the three occasions when compared to the current Veyron’s angry W16 burble, and this might mean that Bugatti too has gone the Hybrid way, in order to go faster while using lesser fuel. The cage like structure covering half of the engine might be another camouflage technique to hide the hybrid technology in the engine bay.

Mclaren has taken the Hybrid route with the P1, Ferrari has taken the Hybrid Route with the LaFerrari and Porsche too has gone the Hybrid way with the 918 and we should not be surprised to see Bugatti launching a Hybrid successor to the Veyron.


The Bugatti Veyron Supersport produces 1200 Horsepower and weighs 1,888 Kilos already, and with the hybrid system, the successor to the Veyron will definitely weigh more, which means, the car will need to have a higher power output too if it should outperform the current Veyron. We are expecting the power output of the Veyron successor to be around 1500 horsepower, but Bugatti might just as well do the extreme and give it a higher power output.

The successor to the Veyron will be named, the Bugatti Chiron after legendary Bugatti race driver, Louis Chiron. Bugatti had launched a series of cars named, the ‘Veyron Legends Special Editions’ wherein all the cars were named after famous Bugatti test drivers and race drivers, but the name of Louis Chiron was missing from those special editions and now we all know why! Bugatti had reserved his name for something much bigger – the successor to the Veyron.

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