Bridgestone develops new tyre printing technology

Bridgestone has recently announced a breakthrough tire construction development that can make the future of vehicles colorful, quite literally. The technology will allow tires to display multi stylistic patterns or even images copied from photographs on tire sidewalls. Individuals could get their favourite design printed in accordance with requirement. Traditionally white rubber is used on sidewall construction of tires. Bridgestone with its advanced tire printing technology replaces white rubber construction by using layers of tires using developed inks in the procedure.

The special inks and unique printing method ensure that there is no discoloration or damage on prints. With Bridgestone bringing this tire technology in the realms of reality, the future is going to be a colorful joyride. This technology is expected to change the world we live in. Personalized rubber print on tire sidewalls is the stuff of dreams that will soon become a reality. Advertisers have already started strategizing their campaigns for advertising on the road.


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