BMW 6 Series 650i Convertible Launched in India


BMW has taken off the covers from its uber-stylish BMW 650i convertible at Udaipur, the beautiful lake city of India. BMW has unveiled the all new 2011 6-series in India, the German Manufacturer has launched the soft-top version convertible priced at Rs 95 lakh (Ex-showroom price).

With the new 6-Series, BMW is ditching the bullish appearance of the previous model for a svelter and classically elegant look. The design ties the new 6-Series visually with other recent BMW models, notably the 5-series, with which it shares much of its mechanical package. The 6 series comes as CBU being directly imported as per order from Germany.

The new 6-series continues BMW’s design revolution under the watch of Adrian van Hooydonk, whose mould-breaking Z9 Gran Turismo concept car of 1999 laid down the styling template for today’s 6-series.

The new 6-Series gets a shark-like nose featuring highly technical headlamp graphics (to be offered with optional LED corona lenses), a slightly forward-leaning kidney grille and a full-width air duct within the lower part of the bumper. The long bonnet is more contoured than before and, like the rest of the car’s steel body, has tauter surfacing than today’s somewhat bloated-looking model.

At the rear are L-shaped lamps that use similar LED graphics to those seen on the 5-series. The boot is also more integrated than before and now boasts a subtle spoiler integrated into the metal.

The car is virtually the same length but a good deal wider and slightly lower than the outgoing model. It also boasts an incremental increase in wheelbase, so it will be roomier inside, especially in the rear. Boot capacity remains at 450 litres. The cabin has an asymmetrical dashboard that hints at early BMWs by angling the centre console slightly towards the driver.

The 650i comes with monster of an engine being propelled by a twin turbo V8 turbocharged 4.4-litre V8 with 407bhp and 61.2 kgm, it does 0-100kph in 5.0sec, but delivers 11.05 kpl. Like all the recent BMW’s this one also comes with 8 speed automatic transmission but with sport sensitivity in it.

Points from the Press Conference –

1. BMW to expand dealerships from 20 to 40 by 2012 in major metros.

2. The BMW X3 will be launched by mid 2011 and will be assembled in the Chennai plant.

3. BMW confident of retaining no. 1 position in luxury car segment.

4. Factory expansion has been done to enable the production of the X3. BMW has invested close to Rs. 18 crore as a part of their expansion strategy.