Biker culture is on the rise

biker-culture-bangalore-riseBiker culture is on the rise

Bangalore has been witnessing a rise in the biker culture. The city has 37 registered biker clubs with more than 1,200 members. The two-wheeler riding population of the city has now crossed 35 lakhs, highest recorded in any city across the nation. There are various reasons for the spread of this culture.

The biker clubs here have been joined by people of all ages, some who are energetic veterans while others are testosterone driven passionate youngsters. Even girls have joined such clubs who feel that riding a bike makes them feel exhilarated and independent. While some love to ride, others are into cruising and performing stunts as well. Some state that it makes them feel young and liberated.

Chakravarty, one of the members of a biker club in Bangalore, stated that it is quite an electrifying experience to be surrounded by so many people who share the same passion and can come together to share their experiences. They often share their biker lifestyle, organize rides, test torques of various bikes, etc…

2014-india-superbike-festival-phoenix-marketcity-bangalore2014 India Superbike Festival at Phoenix Marketcity Bangalore

These bikers also organize gathering and rallies. Another biker club member, Samarth Nadish, stated that earlier riding the bike was an idea strongly opposed by families as it was regarded as madness. However, these days, it has become more of a lifestyle and people are more open to getting involved in it rather than going to parties or movies which have now started to appear boring and ordinary.

So, how do these bike enthusiasts find each other? Social media, obviously! Social networking websites have a lot of biking groups. They not only locate each other via these sites but also spread messages regarding their upcoming rallies, gatherings, etc… through this medium. They also use social media to exchange their opinions and views on various latest products entering the market.


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Source – Bangalore Mirror