BharathAutos presents Independence Day Photo Contest

BharathAutos presents Independence Day Photo Contest

On this special occasion of Independence day, we give opportunity to our readers to share their most happy and memorable moments of you with your car/bike and you could win some hot cash and other goodies. The contest will be held on our Facebook page (

Eligibility and photo requirements –

  • Upload your pic on our facebook homepage.
  • Image uploaded should contain either a car or a bike.
  • A person can upload only 1(one) picture in the entire contest.
  • Participants should upload his/her photo from their own Facebook profile.
  • As the description, the participants should mention their name, car/bike model and location.
  • Image violating the one-stop-rules are not permitted.

Simple step for voting process –

Voters should like our BharathAutos Facebook page (Non members vote won’t be considered) and thereafter like the contestant pic.

Judging and prizes –

Photos will be judged based on the likes for their respective pic on our Facebook album.  The first place winner will win a cash of Rs 3,000/-, the second place winner will win a cash of Rs 1,500/- and other 5 winners will win exciting goodies.

Deadline –

Entries must be uploaded to Facebook between August 1st, 2012 and midnight on Aug 16th, 2012.  Thereafter, the qualified contestant will be allowed only to increase their likes up-till 31-08-2012. Winners will be notified with a message via their Facebook account.  Visit our Facebook fan page for detailed user information.

Participation agreement and terms of use –

  • To approve your photos in our Facebook album might take a maximum period of 24hrs, likes before approving shall not be considered. After approval your respective pic will be moved to ‘BharathAutos Independence Day Photo Contest’ album on our facebook page.
  •  Once approved a person eligible to participate throughout the contest should be able to get atleast (minimum) 10 likes in 4 days from the day of upload.
  • All photos become a property of BharathAutos once you upload in our Facebook fan page.
  • If you’re found violating any terms, BharathAutos has every right to discard your submission. And also reserves the right to review all photos and to remove any photo for any reason at our sole discretion.


You can also send the link to your friends and share it on FB so that they can also vote.

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Wish you all the best,
BharathAutos Team