Audi’s planning Q-line Crossovers by 2013-14

2012 Audi Q3

Audi’s Q family of crossovers began with the Q7, reached new highs with the Q5, and is about to go to the next round with the smaller Q3 (at least in Europe — its U.S. prospects remain unclear). But that is only the beginning. As many as three more Q ships are being planned and rumours have started the fill the air about the upcoming a coupe-like four-door Q6, the two-door Q4, and the subcompact Q1.

These mini-SUVs could be placed below the Q3 which has just been put into production. It all started with the Q7 for Audi which is like a huge, gas guzzling, four-door SUV with an equally enormous engine under the hood. Then, Audi brought in the Q5 which was pitted against the BMW X3. German rival Audi is certainly betting big on them.

Recently Audi announced plans of an even smaller SUV and now it has gone into production as the Q3. The Q3 could be launched in India later this year of early 2012. This SUV will rival the BMW X1 which currently enjoys a monopoly (sort of) in the segment. Now, there are rumours that Audi might be planning an even smaller SUV. This new crossover could be based on the A1 hatchback and hence could be called the Q1.

Audi-Q3-CrossoverFirst in line is the Q1 crossover which is a diminutive SUV either based on the A1 platform or the modular architecture planned for the next-generation A3. Plans are to rush this baby crossover in the showrooms by 2013. The Q1 could look like an Audi A1 on giant heels.

Then is the Audi Q4 which would be slightly bigger than the Q3 but smaller that the Q5. It will be an Audi’s version of the Porsche Cajun offering three-door body-style with flared fenders. Lastly, it is the Audi Q6 coupe crossover which hopes to compete against BMW X6.

We’re expecting the 3.0-liter TDI engines on the bigger crossovers and the 1.6-liter TDI from Vento on the baby Q1. In an interview to the European media, a top Audi official said the company wasn’t considering smaller crossovers (under Q3), but it seems like appetite for these vehicles has made them change plans.

Is so many need Qs required ?

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Audi Q1 Audi Q3 Audi Q4 Audi Q6