A 58-year-old participant in one of the toughest races in the world to be held in Goa

ramessh-belaaram-ahuja-pune-pathfindersOne of the top 10 toughest motor races in the world is The Rainforest Challenge (RFC). It has been adapted from the original event that was held in 1997 in Malaysia. This year, this race will be organized in Goa and will be held from 8th to 14th August. Race enthusiasts from around the world will be registering for the event. An interesting thing that has come to light is that a 58 year old man, Ramessh Belaaram Ahuja, from Pune is also participating in this event.

Mr. Ramessh Belaaram Ahuja owns a wine shop in Pune. He has recently developed interest in off-roading. To turn his interest into a passion, he enrolled himself with the Pune Pathfinders 4×4 team. Mr. Ahuja has participated in a few events in the country. When he heard about the¬†Rainforest Challenge, he started preparing for it. For Mr. Ahuja, the priority is to finish all stages.

In the event to be held in Goa, you will see numerous off road enthusiasts in their respective 4×4 covering a stretch of 250 kilometers from North Goa to South Goa. The participants will be battling rugged terrain, rain, slush and even a few hippies! The physical as well as mental capabilities of the people participating in this amazing race will be tested to its limit via 30 Special Stages that have been set throughout the course.

rainforest-challenge-india-rfcRFC India is a part of the RFC Global Series and will be held in Goa in Aug-2014 with over 50 Indian and foreign participants.

2014 RFC (Rainforest Challenge) India will span over a period of 6 days. The challenge has been divided into four stage that have been named:

  • The Prologue
  • The Predator
  • The Terminator
  • The Twilight Zone

The first stage will be organized closer to the town giving the competitors the opportunity to interact with the viewers. In the second and the third stages, the participants will have to battle it out with the rugged terrain. And in the final stage they will have to drive overnight through uncharted land.


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