2017 Royal Enfield Classic 500 & Bullet 500 – gets ABS/Rear Disc Brake

Royal Enfield has unveiled the Euro 4 compliant Classic 500 and Bullet 500 motorcycles in the UK market with CooperB (a Royal Enfield dealer in UK).


2017 Royal Enfield Bullet 500 EFI ABS

In the addition to the Euro 4 complaint engines, both the motorcycle come equipped with dual channel ABS and rear disc brake as standard. In the India, the Classic 500 and Bullet 500 are expected to soon get BS4 emission figures, as this becomes mandatory from April-2017.

Though details are still sketchy, we expect the India-spec model to get the auto headlamp on (AHO) feature and rear disc brake as standard, the ABS might be offered as an optional feature. Do not expect any significant changes to the engines apart from subtle tweak.


2017 Royal Enfield Classic EFI ABS

The UK dealer has updated the website with prices of 2017 models, as follows:

  • 2017 Royal Enfield Himalayan ABS – £9,999
  • 2017 Royal Enfield Continental GT ABS – £5,199 (2016 CGT price £4,799)
  • 2017 Royal Enfield Classic 500 ABS (Chrome) – £4,899 (2016 Classic 500 Chrome price £4,199)
  • 2017 Royal Enfield Bullet 500 ABS – £3,999

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GALLERY: 2017 Royal Enfield Classic 500 ABS (Chrome)

2017-royal-enfield-classic-chrome-500-bullet-500-efi-abs-rear-disc-brake-pictures-photos-images-snaps-001     2017-royal-enfield-classic-chrome-500-bullet-500-efi-abs-rear-disc-brake-pictures-photos-images-snaps-002     2017-royal-enfield-classic-chrome-500-bullet-500-efi-abs-rear-disc-brake-pictures-photos-images-snaps-003

2017-royal-enfield-classic-chrome-500-bullet-500-efi-abs-rear-disc-brake-pictures-photos-images-snaps-004     2017-royal-enfield-classic-chrome-500-bullet-500-efi-abs-rear-disc-brake-pictures-photos-images-snaps-005     2017-royal-enfield-classic-chrome-500-bullet-500-efi-abs-rear-disc-brake-pictures-photos-images-snaps-006

GALLERY: 2017 Royal Enfield Bullet 500 ABS

2017-royal-enfield-bullet-500-efi-abs-rear-disc-brake-pictures-photos-images-snaps-001     2017-royal-enfield-bullet-500-efi-abs-rear-disc-brake-pictures-photos-images-snaps-002     2017-royal-enfield-bullet-500-efi-abs-rear-disc-brake-pictures-photos-images-snaps-003

2017-royal-enfield-bullet-500-efi-abs-rear-disc-brake-pictures-photos-images-snaps-004     2017-royal-enfield-bullet-500-efi-abs-rear-disc-brake-pictures-photos-images-snaps-006     2017-royal-enfield-bullet-500-efi-abs-rear-disc-brake-picture-photo-image-snap-005


Image CreditCooperB