GALLERY: Suzuki Gixxer 155 in Metallic Triton Blue with Pearl Mirage White

Last-week, we bought you the pictures of dual-tone Suzuki Gixxer in Candy Antares Red with Glass Sparkle Black (APS), today, we have fresh set of pictures of the another dual-tone paint scheme Metallic Triton Blue with Pearl Mirage White (BAQ).


Nothing much to comment on these new dual-tone paint schemes. The changes seen are purely cosmetic, mechanically, the motorcycle will remain identical to the standard bike. These new paint schemes are introduced ahead of this festive season, to lure more customers at the Suzuki Motorcycle dealerships, but costs Rs. 1,000/- more than the standard Gixxer 155.

Apart from the dual-tone paint scheme, it gets a new sporty body graphics, new clear lens turn signals and the racing strips on both the rims. It also gets a new key mascot, sporting the iconic Suzuki ‘S’ of the flagship model. Features like the digital instrument cluster which displays speed, fuel level, engine temperature, engine rpm, trip, and gear position is similar to the regular Gixxer.


The dual-tone Gixxer is equipped with the same 155cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine with Suzuki’s Eco Performance (SEP) technology that churns out peak power of 14.6 bhp and maximum torque of 14 Nm. Featuring Carburetor fuel system, this unit is mated to a 5-speed gearbox. It has a top speed of 120 kmph and delivers an ARAI certified mileage of 63.5 kmpl.

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GALLERY: Suzuki Gixxer 155 in Metallic Triton Blue with Pearl Mirage White

2015-suzuki-gixxer-metallic-triton-blue-pearl-mirage-white-001     2015-suzuki-gixxer-metallic-triton-blue-pearl-mirage-white-002     2015-suzuki-gixxer-metallic-triton-blue-pearl-mirage-white-003

2015-suzuki-gixxer-metallic-triton-blue-pearl-mirage-white-004     2015-suzuki-gixxer-metallic-triton-blue-pearl-mirage-white-005     2015-suzuki-gixxer-metallic-triton-blue-pearl-mirage-white-006

2015-suzuki-gixxer-metallic-triton-blue-pearl-mirage-white-007     2015-suzuki-gixxer-metallic-triton-blue-pearl-mirage-white-008     2015-suzuki-gixxer-metallic-triton-blue-pearl-mirage-white-009

2015-suzuki-gixxer-metallic-triton-blue-pearl-mirage-white-010     2015-suzuki-gixxer-metallic-triton-blue-pearl-mirage-white-011     2015-suzuki-gixxer-metallic-triton-blue-pearl-mirage-white-012

2015-suzuki-gixxer-metallic-triton-blue-pearl-mirage-white-013     2015-suzuki-gixxer-metallic-triton-blue-pearl-mirage-white-014     2015-suzuki-gixxer-metallic-triton-blue-pearl-mirage-white-015

2015-suzuki-gixxer-metallic-triton-blue-pearl-mirage-white-016     2015-suzuki-gixxer-metallic-triton-blue-pearl-mirage-white-017     2015-suzuki-gixxer-metallic-triton-blue-pearl-mirage-white-018

2015-suzuki-gixxer-metallic-triton-blue-pearl-mirage-white-019     2015-suzuki-gixxer-metallic-triton-blue-pearl-mirage-white-020     2015-suzuki-gixxer-metallic-triton-blue-pearl-mirage-white-021