2012 Toyota Camry SE V6 is a pretty hot sedan!


2012 Toyota Camry SE V6

While some car owners prefer their ride to be as plush as possible, there are other driving enthusiasts that favor a sportier driving dynamic. For the car owner that craves driving excitement, sports sedans are a great alternative to a true sports car. The Toyota Camry SE V6 stakes its claim as one of the most satisfying sports sedans on the market. Here are some of the attributes that make the Camry SE V6 such a legitimate option.

Power – The Camry SE never lacks of power. The 3.5-liter, V-6 engine keeps the driver excited by providing a beefy 268 horsepower. As a testament to the engine’s performance potential, the exotic Lotus Evora sports car also uses this very engine. In testing, the Camry SE V6 blasted to 100 kph in less than six seconds.

Dynamic Transmission – The Camry SE V6’s six-speed automatic transmission is engineered to deliver precise shifts in all driving situations. Driving enthusiasts will love the manual-shift mode, which allows the driver to handle there own gear shifts.

Competitively Priced – When doing a side by side car comparison, the Camry SE V6 proves that it is a true bang for the buck. The athletic sedan is loaded with all the must-have features that today’s drivers crave, yet still is able to maintain its affordability.

Excellent Handling – The Camry SE’s sports-tuned suspension is what sets it apart from the ordinary sedans of the world. Prospective owners can look forward to excellent road handling and a tight cornering ability.


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