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Tata Ace Mega XL at 2016 Auto Expo

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Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles 8 future ready offerings at 2016 Auto Expo

India’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, Tata Motors at the recently held 2016 Auto Expo showcased 8 new offerings, including its new SIGNA range of Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles.

The SIGNA range of commercial vehicles has 3 variants – the SIGNA 4923.S tractor, the SIGNA 3118.T multi-axle truck and the SIGNA 2518.K tipper. Other models displayed include – the PRIMA 4040.S, the ULTRA 1518, the ULTRA 1415 4X4, the ULTRA Electric Bus and the STARBUS Hybrid.

With the theme #TataMotorsSmartHub at the biennial event, derived from the synergy between ‘Smart Technology’ and ‘Smart Products’, the company featured a line of world-class products from its Commercial Vehicle stable.

Tata SIGNA 4923.S


The SIGNA 4923.S is a tractor offering from Tata Motors new SIGNA range of commercial vehicles. With a Gross Combination Weight (GCW) of 49000 Kgs, when coupled with suitable trailers, the Tata SIGNA 4923.S proven and reliable Cummins ISBe 5.9 Common Rail engine, delivers power of 230 PS and a torque of 850Nm, with best-in-class Fuel Efficiency and is based on proven powertrain and aggregates, like the G1150 Gearbox and RA109SRT rear axle. Empowering customers with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership, the Tata SIGNA 4923.S is also offered with multiple fully-built load body options, making the vehicle a preferred choice for transporters for various applications.

Tata SIGNA 3118.T


The SIGNA 3118.T is an MAV truck from Tata Motors new SIGNA range of commercial vehicles, with both steerable and Lift Axle options. With a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 31 ton, the SIGNA 3118.T is powered by a world-class Tata Cummins B5.9 L- 6 cylinder engine, with an optimum combination of 180 PS and flat torque of 675 Nm at lowest rpm range, delivering best-in-class fuel efficiency and highest engine life. Coupled with a strong and sturdy chassis and vehicle aggregates, the SIGNA 3118.T is most suitable for all applications, also providing customers with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Tata SIGNA 2518.K


The SIGNA 2518.K is a Construction and Mining offering from Tata Motors new SIGNA range of commercial vehicles. With a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 25 ton, the Tata SIGNA 2518.K is powered by a world-class Tata Cummins B5.9 L- 6 cylinder engine, with an optimum combination of 180 PS and flat torque of 675 Nm at lowest RPM range, delivering best-in-class fuel efficiency and highest engine life. With a reliable and proven power train, the new Tata SIGNA 2518.K offers its customers better productivity and lowest cost of operations, for a construction vehicle. Multiple options of aggregates combinations and load bodies making the Tata SIGNA 2518.K a versatile workhorse for various applications.

Tata PRIMA 4040.S


The PRIMA 4040.S is focused on catering to the requirements of customers looking for usage of high capacity trailers to carry long haul voluminous/white goods. Coupled with a 16-speed ZF gear box the PRIMA 4040.S offers more gear spread for better gradeability and improved fuel efficiency. Powered by a world-class 400 HP Cummins ISLe 8.9 litre BS IV compliant engine and aggregates, and offering best-in-class reliability and lowest maintenance cost makes PRIMA 4040.S an ideal business partner.

Tata ULTRA 1518


The ULTRA 1518 is based on a combination of world-class performance parameters, with enhanced levels of durability and reliability of the ULTRA platform, enabling Tata Motors to set new benchmarks in the Intermediate commercial vehicles space. With a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 15.7 ton and a payload of 9.7 tons, the ULTRA 1518 boasts a new 5 liter, 4 cylinder engine, with a power range of 180- 210 PS and a torque range of 590-805 NM, offering best-in-class fuel efficiency.

Furnished with a spacious cabin, equipped with a gear knob in the dash board and a fully trimmed power steering, seating three, along with a bed, ensures a safe and comfortable working design for the driver. Additionally the Tata ULTRA’s 1518 adjustable and collapsible steering column and braking system, that’s full air type with ABS, adds to the safety of the vehicle. The vehicles parabolic suspension system further adds to the comfort and sturdiness.

Tata ULTRA 1415 4X4


The ULTRA 1415 4X4 is a new fully built solution for the Indian I&LCV customer, equipped with a state-of-the art snow plough. The vehicle is also mounted with a hydraulic crane for self-loading and unloading, enabling the vehicle to reduce human effort for large material pieces like pipes, large machineries, oil barrels, huge tyres, timber, including most industrial and construction applications.

Powered to go anywhere on almost any surface with a factory-installed 4×4 powertrain, the TATA ULTRA 1415 4X4 is a rugged performer and also ensures driver comfort, high load carrying-capacity and safety, along with best product life-cycle. With a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 13.5 ton, the TATA ULTRA 1415 4X4 is powered by a 3.3L DICOR engine that offers 150 PS of power and 430 NM torque, making it is an extremely versatile Intermediate commercial vehicle.

Tata ULTRA Electric Bus


The ULTRA Electric Bus is based on the convenience of the urban commuters. With plush interior lightings and LED headlamps, Tata ULTRA Electric has been designed with enhanced stylized interior and exteriors. These buses will also come with utility provisions such as charging points and Wi-Fi hotspot for on the go connectivity. Its dimensions and the seating capacity make a perfect combination for staff, school and general city transportation.

With a wide passage-way for free movement, wider window panes for better visibility along with Super Low Floor (SLF) of 650mm, vehicle boasts of a safe and convenient transport for commuters to enjoy public transportation. It also ensures fatigue free driving with no clutch and gear shifting required. These buses are fitted with CCTV cameras an Intelligence Transport Systems (ITS) for public information, through GPS via electronic destination display boards, indicating expected time of arrival at bus stops and route announcements within the bus.

Tata Starbus Hybrid Bus


The Starbus Hybrid Bus upholds one of Tata Motors core values of developing environment friendly and efficient products, and technology leadership in the CV space. The Starbus Hybrid Bus is the future of rapid urban mass transportation system, with a signature single-deck design comprising two rigid sections linked by a pivoting joint. The vehicle is a full low floor 40mm bus that goes 340 mm after kneeling.

The Starbus Hybrid offers substantial improvement in fuel economy compared to a conventional bus. The technology also leads to lower emissions, thereby contributing to cleaner and greener air. It works on an Electric Mode producing Zero emissions, while the CNG mode is BS 4 compliant. The bus is based on a modular chassis, with electronically controlled air suspension systems (ECAS) at the front & rear, electronically controlled braking systems and an automatic transmission. The Starbus Hybrid also uses new generation lithium ion phosphate batteries (Prismatic Cell).

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GALLERY: Tata Motors CVs @ 2016 Indian Auto Expo

Tata SIGNA 4923.S

tata-signa-4923.s-2016-auto-expo-pictures-photos-images-snaps     tata-signa-4923.s-india-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-front     tata-signa-4923.s-india-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-rear

Tata SIGNA 3118.T

tata-signa-3118.t-2016-auto-expo-pictures-photos-images-snaps     tata-signa-3118.t-india-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-side     tata-signa-3118.t-india-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-rear

Tata SIGNA 2518.K

tata-signa-2518.k-2016-auto-expo-pictures-photos-images-snaps     tata-signa-2518.k-tipper-india-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-side     tata-signa-2518.k-tipper-india-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-rear

Tata PRIMA 4040.S

tata-prima-4040.s-2016-auto-expo-pictures-photos-images-snaps     tata-prima-4040.s-india-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-side     tata-prima-4040.s-india-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-rear

Tata ULTRA 1518

tata-ultra-1518-india-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-front     tata-ultra-1518-india-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-side     tata-ultra-1518-india-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-rear

Tata ULTRA 1415 4X4

tata-ultra-1415-4x4-india-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-front     tata-ultra-1415-4x4-india-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-side     tata-ultra-1415-4x4-india-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-rear

Tata ULTRA Electric Bus

tata-ultra-electric-bus-india-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-front     tata-ultra-electric-bus-india-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-side     tata-ultra-electric-bus-india-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-rear

tata-ultra-electric-bus-india-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-dashboard-inside     tata-ultra-electric-bus-india-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-cabin-inside     tata-ultra-electric-bus-india-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-interior-inside

Tata Starbus Hybrid Bus

tata-starbus-hybrid-bus-india-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-front     tata-starbus-hybrid-bus-india-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-side     tata-starbus-hybrid-bus-india-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-rear

tata-starbus-hybrid-bus-india-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-low-floor-door-open     tata-starbus-hybrid-bus-india-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-dashboard-inside     tata-starbus-hybrid-bus-india-pictures-photos-images-snaps-2016-auto-expo-interior-cabin-inside


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